The Canadian Traffic Network is Canada’s largest real-time traffic reporting content provider.

We provide the helicopters, the reporters and the information for the traffic reports, featured on our national network of 105 radio stations and on Global Television News properties.

The Canadian Traffic Network (CTN) supplies live traffic reports to 14 major markets in Canada giving our advertisers the opportunity to reach 18.6 million Canadians. Since launching nationally in 2006 CTN has continued to add radio stations to their network as well as TV traffic reports across the country.

As the most engaging content on radio, traffic reports are an impactful marketing tool that uses the most sought after information reports on radio and Global TV. CTN ads are delivered by the traffic reporter directly to the attentive consumer, in the heart of the report itself.

CTN Opportunity

Get your message in the middle of our traffic reports, as part of the content, read live by the traffic reporter.

Speak to your target audience when they are listening to the #1 content on radio… Traffic Reports!

  • Traffic updates deliver 28% greater engagement compared to the average radio listening experience
  • Your ad will deliver 62% greater effectiveness from a long-term memory prospective
  • Available on a national, regional or market by market basis
  • Run different creative on a market by market basis within the network
  • Change creative message for your time of day
  • Quick copy changes
  • No production or translation costs
CTN History

CTN is the sister company of the Australian Traffic Network (ATN) – founded in 1997. Both ATN and CTN have been modelled after the very successful Metro Networks in the U.S. – over 30 years old.

CTN has the advantage of being able to draw upon the experience and expertise of both these companies.