TV & Radio


National Coverage

Our national radio coverage supplying all Traffic Reports and selected news programmes ensure you achieve unrivalled reach.

Premium Placement

Premium placement of “integrated first in break” ensures optimum cut through competitive advantage.

Reach and Frequecy

All ads are rotated to ensure coverage across every radio station delivering effective reach and frequency.

Higher Engagement

Your commercial is 10 seconds (approx. 25-30 words), neuro science has proven this is most effective for higher levels of engagement.

Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon, Drive

All messages are positioned within BMAD, the most prime placement for maximum reach.


Prime Time News

Leveraging on prime time breakfast, afternoon and evening news our sponsorship opportunities provide unrivalled placement for optimum reach.

Premium Segments

You have solus rights of these premium segments delivering a competitive advantage and top of mind awareness to your audience

Build Your Brand

Sponsorship of our traffic reports provides the opportunity to build brand equity and trust with your consumer.

No Dilution

As part of the stations programming we eliminate any risk of your message being diluted as it can be in a commercial break.